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The Ultimate

24/7 "In your pocket" 

Virtual & In Person Podcast Coach

30 Tips for a Successful Podcast

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Podcasting is a powerful medium that allows anyone to share their message with the world.

Whilst this is such an exciting time, its more important that ever to stand out from others in your niche and cut through the noise. 

There are so many moving parts and without a framework and plan it's so easy to get swamped & overwhelmed. 

Are you in the early stages of your podcast journey and need some coaching?

Are you swamped with tech, guest schedulling, episode planning, marketing, recording and editing? 

Want to manage your time better and focus on the things you are genuinly great at? 


Are you passionate about making sure your time and investments are spent wisely?

Dont spent your whole journey "getting it right".

Learn the key fundamentals now, so you can focus on just making it better.

Don't let the learning process of podcasting take the fun and inspiration out of it.

Creating a successful podcast requires more than just recording and publishing episodes.


A podcast coach can provide valuable guidance on everything from content creation to equipment selection to marketing strategies.


  • learn how to engage with your audience

  • improve your delivery

  • create a consistent brand 

  • get constructive feedback and quality coaching 

  • improve your skills over time

  • take your show to the next level

My online courses are interactive, jam packed and give you skills and knowledge. Using my innovative MOBILE APP, you can enjoy step by step programs, at your own pace, in the palm of your hand. 

Every Program I offer comes with access to 

Private Engaging and powerful facebook group as your virtual classroom

Dynamically Delivered by Mobile APP/ PC/ Device 


Access to 24/7 Resources 

Access to training videos and tutorials 

Loyalty Program with service and product discounts 

Weekly Q&A Live virtual classroom



Redmoon Podcast is owned and operated by Cara Parker. Engineer, Business Owner, Designer, Musician, Project Manager and consultant, mum of two and local 

Based at her Gold Coast Studios, Redmoon Podcast is part of Redmoon Music Australia. With 4 professionally acoustic treated rooms she provides audio, production, coaching and entertainment based consulting services.   

Hi, I'm Cara. I've been working in studio production, live sound, entertainment, radio,voiceover, advertising, project management and content marketing fields for over 20 years ald have a unique set of skills and insight to help you get the absolute most out of your great podcast within your budget, skills and scope. 

Choose from

Done for you services such as editing & hosting.

In studio services such as recording, post production & voiceover, workshops. 

One off and subscriptions style arrangements.

Coaching & Online Courses.

Virtual Classroom.

Mobile App. 

Weekly Mentoring Chat.

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