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This Coaching bundle forks part of the Ultimate Podcast Production & Launch Bundle but can be bought as a stand alone.  Buy the 


This is 3 month Beta program including 


6 Part Workshop (Video and downloadables) 

Private Facebook Group 

Live Q&As in the facebook group ( invite and members only) 

Ultimate Podcast Workbook 


Get a 20 - 40  min workshop each module. With tasks, resources, challenges and implementable tools. 


✅ Concept & Planning

✅ Gear & Tech

✅ Production

✅ Marketing for podcasts

✅ Launch & Hosting

✅ Content


Plus My Ultimate Virtual Producer Sessions 

Sculpting your intro, outro and show format LIKE A PRO

  • Give your listeners a smooth Lux VIP experience with the flow of your audio and sonic branding
  • Create Brand Awareness & Trust 
  • Retain Listeners 
  • Create emotional Connection 


Gear & Tech Roadmap 

Work out EXACTLY what gear you need for your podcast production goals

I'll take you through gear types, uses, expenses and when you shoudll and shouldnt invest in new gear!  Take the fun Roadmap quiz and find out exactly what gear you have, need and when you need it. Dont get lost and head down the wrong path, find absolute direction before making ANY purchases


Ex-Plosive Voices 

10 Tricks to eliminating plosives and sibillance, and improving your vocal delivery.  Take a vocal workshop with me!  Immediately elevate your audio quality using my simple strategies!  Give these strategies to your guests and co host and you ( your editor) will thank me later!


Where and how to find music for your podcast

I'll give you the heads up on what music you can and cant use, where to find it and how to use it! 


10 Tactics to monetise your Podcast 

I'll run through the top ten strategies in  2023  to get your podcast monetised! 


I'll go live regularlyl  in the Facebook group to answer any questions! and you can always reach out in the community for assistance from other students! 


The membership and course lasts 12 weeks and at the end you can either opt to stay in the facebook community, leave or take on a levelled up course, one on one coaching or even come in for a studio session. 







Ultimate Podcast Coaching

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$199.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
This Program Opens November 20
  • Package is for one person/ one podcast. There can be up to two speakers on the day if you wish to bring someone else for voiceeover or you have a cohost. As this session is for the Intro/ Outro/ Trailer and Sonic Branding- there is no allowance for an interview style episode./ IE bring a guest.  The Mentoring package is for one person. If you would like an extra seat in the mentoring program for your cohost that can be arranged at $99*

    2 hrs studio session/ up to 60 Mins Produced Audio 
        -15 mins discussion & script Refining 
        -15 Mins Camera and mic refinement 
        -1.5 Hrs Production Session 

    In session Coaching 
    15-30 Min Trailer (Pre Scripted) 
    Filming on one camera HD 
    LED Lighting set to branding colours 
    2 X Box Lights 
    Basic Staging 
    Up to 60 Mins of Produced Audio Supplied in Wav & Mp3 Files on a Google drive within 7 days 
    Editing as per script/ client notes/ proof (Note: This session should be scripted and rehearsed in advance to ensure the highest quality production) 
    Post Production inclusions: Overall Balance, EQ, Gate, Compresson, De-Essing, Noise Reduction, Cross Fades, Limiter 

    * whilst all care is taken to reduce any noises and bumps, its important to keep in mind that the mics are senstive and will pick up these noises. ( paper shuffling etc ) . I will give you some tips before your session to minimise noise. 
    It may not be possible to remove all noise. 

    Video is one Camera HD, edited to sync to the final audio. 

    Studio Sessions are on Saturdays. Cancellations without FOUR  days notice will be forfeited, unless you can swap a session with another memmber of the group/ alternatve client

    Via the Facebook page Each week members will be given weekly video/ workshop training alternating. There will be daily tips, tools and resources aligned and supporting the workbook tass
    A live workshop will be held fortnightly 
    A editable, customisable podcast planning workbook is avilable to all students and a large portion of the information is within the workbook. 

    Short Videos will support and highlight the topics in the workbook 

    Xmas Break- There will be a Xmas Break and in the new year we will meet to review and refine and plan/ assess your launch. 

    Refund Policy-  If you are unhappy with the services and wish to cancel, we ask that you contact us to try resolve the issue. If a resolution can't be reached a Refund can be offered however NO audio or video may be used by you for any personal or comercial content/ use.  Please give me a call if you have any concerns with our services and we will work suickly with you to resolve them. You can contact Cara directly on 0458 780 544 or via the chat on the website.  

    DELIVERABLES are made available via google drive within 7 days of client approval. After the initial client proof and instruction there can be ONE client edit. 

    An initial Proof will be send for a 24 hr client approval, after whch the final deliverables will be sent to you within 7 days of the return of your approval/ edit notes. 

    By Purchasing this bundle you agree to these package terms 

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